Mohamed Beshir Hamid was Associate Professor of Political Science in the University of Khartoum (1986-1991) and served as Chairman, Department of Political Science (1987-1991) and Acting Dean Faculty of Economic and Social Studies (1989).

He was nominated by the University of Khartoum Faculty Union as Minister of Culture and Information in the Transitional
Government of Sudan (1985-86).

He was Resident Fellow in the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, Washington DC doing a research project on The Challenges of Democratization: Pluralist Pressures and State Responses (1992-93). As Research Fellow in the Program on Peace and International Cooperation of the John D and Catherine MacArthur Foundation in the USA, he worked on a project on The External Factor in Democratization Processes: the Limitations of Conditionality (1994-1995).

He served as Consultant to UNDP initiative on Political Transition, Governance and Development in Africa (1993) and as Geographical Observer in the UN Oil for Food program in Iraq (1996-1999) and Civil Affairs Coordinator in the United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1999 to 2002).

After a stint as Adjutant Professor teaching a course on US foreign Policy in the American University in Cairo (2005-2006), he now lives in retirement in Cairo, Egypt, but spends time each year in the United States and Sudan. He is married with two sons and a daughter and eight grandchildren.

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